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Saynotomonkeytreehongkong-To a higher level of English!

2017-06-18 16:13:03 | 日記


Listening in English learning important position is not to say, no one will feel that they have understood everything, in fact, foreigners do not necessarily understand anything. Especially to listen to African English, Arabic English, that is simply Oh, a head on the big! Listen to hearing words, listen to CNN very good. No condition Own a tree pot do not have to! Is the content of a little single, many of the discussion are international events, but that sounds sounds like fun, sometimes more than 200 words per minute, I like Larry King hosted the interview. After listening for a year, the hearing level will increase a lot. In fact, hearing is to match the vocabulary. Such as listening to political news, do not understand the name of the international organization must suffer, special four (TEM4) hearing requirements is able to understand the VOA or BBC standard news, in fact, is a good practice benchmark, if you can listen to the conditions ABC or CNN, the difficulty will be greatly increased, increase the amount of hearing, as much as possible, such as news feature report or talk show more than half an hour.

Listening and listening. Is not enough, then look at the import large, it is best to soundtrack. The main thing is to cultivate the ability to grasp the language flow, to minimize the language flow in the mind to stay in time, in the final analysis is familiar with the problem. Think about how we listen to the mother tongue, and then think about how we listen to English, summed up their own lack of now, the word is not large enough or because of their own sound due to the noise caused by interference.

For those who achieve a higher level of English listening, in order to improve, the work to be done will involve a wide range of content, such as for a variety of slang mastery, for cultural differences and so on. Listening to the level of hearing is over time, do not want to eat into a fat (do more than I also fat!) I think outside the Institute of "English Intermediate Listening" "English senior hearing" is good, although the news may be outdated, But training is still more than enough hearing. Especially Listen To This: 3 of the language speed quickly, I personally feel that the difficulty of more than eight of the news. For very strange English, such as you want to understand Malaysian English, how to do it? Looking for material to listen to what! (This is not a nonsense!) In fact, the different geographical make the pronunciation of English is also different, some people send r sound is very strange, never heard of the Russian people speak English, made some sounds and Southeast Asian pronunciation is almost. When the simultaneous interpretation of the time, that is, the time to listen to the hearing, in the shortest possible time to understand source language, for the middle of the conversion to win valuable time.

Do not limit the scope of their own hearing training, that is, hearing materials to be widely diverse. Remember, the choice of material is very important, to clear what they really want, seeking quality rather than seeking the number!

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