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South Korean star Sun Xingmin in the Premier League in Tottenham, the more the better

2016-09-19 14:19:31 | FIFA NEWS

"Sun Xingmin is a quiet man, a very kind person, he has come to me, said he needed my help, I said to him, my door is always open." Pochettino said.
"After the Olympics, he wants to return to the Bundesliga, but the desire of the player and the club's decision is different, he really wants to go, but eventually buy fifa 17 coins accepted the decision to stay and fight for his position."
South Korean star Sun Xingmin in the Premier League Tottenham Hotspur played better, has recently become the team's main coach Tottenham, Pochettino said, the summer has been the team made an offer, but he did not let the sun go Xingmin.
In the 1 to 0 victory over Tottenham at Sunderland, Sun Xingmin played the best level of performance, in the eyes of Pochettino, the Spurs lineup this season among South Koreans, who has been on the rise. According to British media, the summer Bundesliga Wolfsburg bid for Sun Xingmin 24 million pounds, which is beyond fifa 16 coins the original Tottenham when he bought 21 million 900 thousand pounds of import price, but Tottenham unmoved.
Now, see the excellent performance of the sun, Pochettino feel very pleased. "I say to all the players, everything is up. If you match up, you'll be on the pitch. Fame is not important, it is important to show that I am happy for sun, he is now the performance is extraordinary, this is what we have been waiting for."
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