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Former teammate criticism C ronaldo: He has only himself in his heart

2016-10-14 11:55:15 | FIFA NEWS
The Amadeus - Tim in his autobiography are not entirely on C Ronaldo for criticism, C Ronaldo can have today's achievements, Tim wrote: "I think C Luo not to care about those outside of his views, and this is one reason why C Luo based in today's football occupation. I hate the atmosphere at Old Trafford, but C Luo is completely the opposite, he is always very focused, he has a firm belief in himself, from his performance on the pitch we can see it out."
For the victory and the goal, fifa 17 coins C Luo has more than ordinary people's dedication and pursuit, even if the team to win, but if he did not score in the game, C Luo or will show their own unhappy side. And at this time the C Luo also tend to become the focus of media attention, the media will blame C Luo too selfish, no manners.
Recently, a former Manchester United played with C Ronaldo played for England player Amadeus - Tim also criticized the C in his autobiography: "he is too selfish, to cooperate with the game in the team is not interested in, only he thought I, I, i. In recent years, he has experienced so much success, when his teammates scored in the game, not his goal, he will feel upset. And C at this time of the performance, as I was 12 years old, the mentality of the same."
Tim also tells the story of some of FUT coins their own with C Ronaldo together to train on the pitch recalls: "I remember there is a team contact game, when I was on the left wing, C Luo Ze appeared in another group on the right, every time we defense, C Ronaldo will fly me away. In the previous training, I almost did not breathe, but that training class, C Luo but let me feel exhausted."
In early October 2002, Tim was only 18 years old in the Champions League on his United debut, but Tim did not gain a foothold in the United several times been on loan to other teams. After rodang and C less than 3 years of his teammates, Tim chose to surrender with Manchester United in 2006.
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