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Pass4sure Citrix Certification 1Y0-A20 keys for consumer (Oct 2016)

2016-10-13 15:02:09 | Citrix

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Far out 1Y0-A20 Simple Questions Latest Practice Test Questions VCE PDF Dumps

Qustion No. 1

Scenario: A XenApp administrator has been tasked with building XenApp servers as generically as possible. Other than the operating system, required updates, patches and anti-virus software, the servers are to be kept as identical as possible to allow for quick disaster recovery should the need arise. Bandwidth is restricted and the client machines run operating systems other than Windows. Therefore, streaming applications to the client machines is NOT possible. 

Which setting must the administrator select when publishing the application? 

A. Streamed to client 

B. Accessed from a server, streamed to server 

C. Accessed from a server, installed application 

D. Streamed if possible, otherwise accessed from a server 

Answer: B 


Qustion No. 2

Scenario: A XenApp administrator has been tasked with delivering a new application to the traveling sales force. The sales force will require access to applications even when they do NOT have Internet or network access. 

Which three steps are required to ensure that the sales force can access their applications at all times? (Choose three.) 

A. Install the offline plug-in on the servers. 

B. Publish the application as streamed to client. 

C. Install the offline plug-in on the sales force laptops. 

D. Install the online plug-in on the sales force laptops. 

E. Publish the application as accessed from a server, streamed to server. 

F. Publish the application as accessed from a server, installed application. 

Answer: B,C,D 


Qustion No. 3

Scenario: An administrator has a server farm with five servers. The administrator wants to limit the number of Microsoft Excel published application sessions that can be run in the server farm. 

Which two steps could the administrator take to meet this requirement? (Choose two.) 

A. Configure the Load Throttling rule. 

B. Configure the Server User Load rule. 

C. Configure the Application User Load rule. 

D. Assign a load evaluator to the five servers. 

E. Assign a load evaluator to the published application. 

Answer: C,E 


Qustion No. 4

Scenario: A server farm consists of dual- and single-processor servers. The administrator of the farm wants to ensure that the dual-processor servers receive more sessions than the single-processor servers. 

In order to distribute the session load equitably among both types of servers, the administrator must assign the __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.) 

A. default load evaluator rule to all servers 

B. advanced load evaluator rule to all servers 

C. default load evaluator rule to all dual-processor servers 

D. advanced load evaluator rule to all dual-processor servers 

Answer: B 


Qustion No. 5

Scenario: Remote users require access to published applications from mobile devices that do NOT use a Windows operating system. To support these users, the administrator has installed and configured an Access Gateway that will secure traffic for the remote users. 

In order to allow the remote users to access resources from the Web Interface, which type of site should be configured to integrate with the Access Gateway? 

A. XenApp Web site 

B. XenApp Services site 

C. XenApp Services site with dual-factor authentication 

D. XenApp Services site with SmartCard Pass-Through 

Answer: A 


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