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Certpark Oracle 1Z0-963 dumps pdf

2017-07-11 17:10:31 | Oracle
Certpark promise that we will spare no effort to help you pass Oracle certification 1Z0-963 exam. Now you can free download part of Oracle 1Z0-963 dumps pdf on Certpark. When you select Certpark, you can not only pass Software as a Service - Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud certification 1Z0-963 exam, but also have one year free update service. Certpark can also promise if you fail to pass the exam, Certpark will 100% refund.

Share some Software as a Service - Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud 1Z0-963 exam questions and answers below.
While creating a Contract Purchase Agreement, a buyer tries to add a Contract Template to it, but the List of Values (VOL) is empty. Identify three applicable reasons for this issue.
A. The document type associated with the Contract Template is ‘Blanket Purchase Agreement’.
B. The Contract Template is not ‘Approved’.
C. The document typeassociated with the Contract Template is ‘Purchase Order’.
D. The Contract Template is in ‘Approved’ status.
E. The document type associated with the Contract Template is ‘Contract Purchase Agreement’.
Answer: C,D,E

Name the Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) KPI that indicates the count of approved requisitions where at least one of the requisition lines is assigned to the new buyer who has logged in and that requisition line is not implemented into an order, bucketed by the number of days elapsed since the requisition was approved.
A. Requisition Lines Cycle Time
B. Requisition Aging Count
C. Requisition Line Aging Count
D. Requisition Lines Volume Count
E. Requisition Lines in Process Count
Answer: E

During an implementation, the super user is requesting you to explain how to set up “risks” to be used in the Procurement Contracts by all users. You are in the middle of the year and currently there are few “risks” that are already defined and the organization is planning to introduce new “risks” from New Year’s Day.Identify the two steps the user should follow to fulfill this requirement.
A. Wait until year end, inactivate the old risks data on year end, and create and activate new risks from the same day.
B. Provide an end date as year end for the old risk data,create new risks now, and provide New year’s Day as start date.
C. Create new risks now, enable those at year end, and disable the old data on year end.
D. The user needs to delete old risks and create new risks around the year end.
Answer: A,B

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View Oracle 1Z0-963 exam video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65JaSHnNYNo
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