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Hublot - masterpiece "MP-02 era key"

HUBLOT MASTERPIECE MP-02 KEY OF TIME WATCH.Hublot's MASTERPIECE series is dedicated to complex watches and extraordinary sports, which is the result of cutting-edge research in mechanical and engineering fields. The emergence of this new series makes Hublot in 2010 to strengthen its manufacturing workforce, with 30 the most senior staff, fully committed to major complications. The first section of the series, MP-01, was launched in January 2011. It is a barrel-shaped titanium watch that has a shape chronograph movement that provides 10 days of power reserve due to its three barrels of the series and produces only a series of 100 pieces. Now, Hublot introduces the second member of the MASTERPIECE series: MP-02 Time of Time.

MASTERPIECE MP-02 is an innovative timepiece that allows you to manage the passage of time as needed. Depending on your desire to drive the MP-02 time key mechanism, thanks to the three crowns, you can "adjust" the hour and minute speed.

Location 1: If you want to taste every second of time: you can slow down the speed of the watch and reduce the time by 4, where one regular hour is expressed as a quarter of an hour on the MP-02.

Location 2: If you want the "real" time: choose the normal hand speed, keep the "standard" time, a regular time in the MP-02 time critical moment equal to one hour.

Position 3: If you want time to pass faster: you can speed up the hand speed by four times the time, so the traditional quarter hour in the MP-02 time key time display is expressed as an

Thus, as time goes by, the wearer can keep the happy times four times, or shorten the time of difficulty by four times while keeping "real-time" choices at all times. The three different indicators in the star arrangement on the dial indicate the current speed of time to avoid any confusion. You can place this complex mechanism indefinitely in position 1 or 3, and then simply return it to position 2, you can re-adjust the hand to the regular time display. This kind of performance is possible through the real "mechanical memory" built into the movement.

In addition to this particular complexity, the MP-02 era key has a vertical flying tourbillon cage, which is characterized by the end of the stopwatch indicator. Frequency 21,600 Vib / hr (3 Hz) - Power reserve Approx. 100 hours (4 days) - Adjust the inertia block of the oscillator Balance - Moment of inertia 16 mg / cm2 - Lifting angle 53 ° - Shock absorber damping motherboard and balance bridge - Motherboard and bridge brass, beveled with rim and round groove Black nickel coating - gear round and bevel wheel. Coating: Black Gold and Rhodium Rolling Pinion Housing: Powder Titanium (Grade 5), Black DLC Coating Screw: Polished and beveled, round and polished End Dial: Multi Part Black, with green Hand: Polished Black Nickel, Green SuperLuminova ™ Wrist Strap: Black Rubber Strap Clasp: Micropowder Black Ceramic and Black PVD Steel Deployed Buckle



Hublot master (MP) watch series

With its Big Bang, Classic Fusion and King Power models, Hublot's unique MP series debuted at the Geneva Trade Show in January 2011 and launched the "MP-01". These recordable works can be made entirely by the team of 30 developers and engineers dedicated to huge complications and extraordinary sports. The collection accurately reflects Hublot's chairman Jean-Claude Biver's statement: "More tabulation, more mastery, more innovation ..."Replica Michele SIGNATURE DECO watches

The first "masterpiece", MP-01, limited to 100 pieces, is a barrel-shaped titanium watch, with a curved chronograph movement and 10 days power reserve, can be three barrels of continuous work. Developed and manufactured by Hublot's professional team, clocks consist of 384 components and 43 gems.

Since 2011, there have been more breakthrough timepieces as part of this series, including the key to the MP-02 era, allowing the wearer to adjust the passage of time in three different ways. Basel World 2013 resulted in additional "MP" watches, including the record MP-05 LaFerrari and MP-08 Antikythera Sunmoon.

The engineers and watchmakers manufactured by Hublot complete the design, development and production, MP-05 LaFerrari further distinguishes 50 days of power reserve - this is the world record of the manual Tourbillon watch. Cone with the Ferrari concept, the complex shape of the sapphire crystal and the contours of the sports car echoed, the back made of black PVD titanium.

The MP-08 Antikythera Sunmoon, an ancient mechanism discovered in the Greek waters in 1901, was promulgated in the Basel world after the "Tribute to the Czech Republic" mechanism at the Athens Archaeological Museum. Antikythera mechanism is one of the most mysterious objects in the history of civilization, and is considered the first "astronomical calculator" in human history.Replica Longines Watchmaking Tradition Watches

It can be traced back to the second century BC. The watch is limited to 20 pieces, with a simplified, miniature version of the original mechanism to commemorate the ancient masterpieces, including solar and lunar calendar, as well as the indication of the sun and the moon's star position.



Longines, since 1832, the Swiss watch industry's affordable price

Founded in 1832 by Auguste Agassiz and founded in 1866, named "Agassiz & Compagnie", Longines is named after this name.

That year, Agassiz's nephew, Ernest Francillon, bought a piece of land for his watch factory in a small village in St. Mayor, a small town in Bern. The village is located in the northwest of Switzerland called "Les Longines" place, located in the Suze River. In 1867, Francillon sought the help of a young engineer named Jacques David, who undertook the mechanization of the production process in order to develop the machine needed for production. Also in the same year, he has taken a symbol of quality and security against counterfeiting replica watches

The winged hourglass brand has tradition, elegance and performance expertise, and at the time, especially in the field of sports fame, not only that. Longines provided a timer at the first modern Olympic Games held in Athens in 1896. Longines has provided the required watches and then proved that many of the world's flight records - not just Charles Lindbergh (Charles Lindbergh) in 1927 the first uninterrupted North Atlantic solo. Also in 1942 the film "Casablanca" Humphrey Bogart wearing a Longines Longines.

Longines has always been a sporty and functional watch, with eternal results, and a clever balance between classical and exquisite. Longines put forward himself as a bridge between the past and the future, is a typical way to predict the technical improvement and quality of life. Extreme aesthetic sensitivity and obsessive attention to detail also help to shape the elegant image and thank Longines has received numerous awards and recognition. Longines model combines the constant technological innovation and aesthetic goals, focusing on art and fashion trends. Longines all activities in the world are aimed at affirming only one principle: worship elegance

Bedetti Official Dealer Awaits you at the San Silvestro Square store, introduces you to the romantic and traditional eternal elegance of the Longines.BREITLING AVENGER Replica WATCHES



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