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Review Cheap Urwerk UR-210 RG Men watch at cheapsalewatch

2017-07-17 16:18:18 | 日記


URWERK UR105 hands - perfect wrist wrist

Cheap Urwerk UR-210 CP Men watch.A few days ago, we have reviewed a new entry-level price model from the MB & F-LM101, and this time we will tell you another novelty, but now comes from the different independent brands we love in the market - Urwerk. We know that they are creating some of the most recent concepts and products in watches today, and this time they are absolutely not disappointed. I said that this is because the design and uniqueness of the watch can not predict whether people like the end product, because they did not put these assumptions in their own collection, in this case, they created a new watch, trying to place Function and use it as the lowest price point for their entire family! Let's take a look at what Urwerk UR105 is

The brand will position this watch as a shield on the wrist and "Iron Knight" - through the shape of the casing, we can see why - that means that tough, looks like you can bring you a bullet. There are two versions - one in the steel, one in the black AITiN (more is the "dark knight" appearance), but in the armor beat the heart of the UR105 (or UR105M) - which is the caliber UR 5.01. Manual wounds, power reserve 42 hours, it will be in Urwerk famous rotating satellite time dial toggle power.

But in addition, it also has more features: in this case, you will see a rotating second hand chronograph wheel. Next to the power reserve index (with the reserve weakened, from white to black). The back of the watch is called the "control panel" and it will tell you when to change the oil in the watch (5-year counter) and show another (larger) power reserve version and efficiency indicator where you will see Does your UR105M need to use some of the screwdriver to finish your fine tuning.Cheap Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari watches

So we basically got a brand new Urwerk, it has a lot of features, it has two different versions.




Time guys! I was lucky because their headquarters and factories were located in Geneva, where I was, so I could spend a lot of time and I wanted to marvel at the mechanical beast's watch. So here is my factory and brand in general. In addition, I will tell Urwerk some new works (not including the newly released EMC, which is my last article on Urwerk main focus).

Urwerk, for those who do not know, is the same idea of ​​two brands Felix Baumgartner (not the space jumpers) and Martin Frei. They began to consider the development of watches in 1995, to 1997, they formed an official company, the same year in the Basel world premiere. The partnership has proven to be very effective because Urwerk still has the same mindset, dedicated to every creation and driving the company forward. As for the factory itself today I will say once, only once, the factory is actually smaller than I expected; even so, I really like it, and this fact only for the Urwerk team hit a point, because the brand positioning and limited Annual production shows that it is an exclusive company, watch and no mass production.Cheap HYT Skull LIGHT watch for sale

From my favorite UR-210, from the UR200 series. One makes me like the work of this brand, that is my life in the top ten dreams of a place. I do not have much detail with the movement and the "Werks" way, but it does use awesome rotating satellites in the usual way of the company that shows the time. The satellite rotates around the dial, the large retrograde minute hand attached to its hour wheel, and revolves around itself, ready for the next hour. In the upper right corner, the watch has a power storage indicator, the top left shows the "winding efficiency indicator", which basically tells you the accuracy of the watch winding. On the back of this monster, there is a way to control how much you want to roll your watch.

Then I have less prejudice (because UR-210 is really my favorite, so I have nothing to say) Comments are UR-103 (and 103T), a watch, many love, and watch, almost launched Urwerk The success, but I am not the biggest fan. Why do you say that? Ok i just say i have a history with UFO ... :) Obviously I was joking but after finding the UR200 collection, this model seems to be simple for me, even for satellite complications and advanced Movement and design. Otherwise the watch was great on the wrist and was shown with the special edition of the sculptor Jean-Vincent Huguenin and reviewed in 2009. Although, as I said, the watch looks very simple, once you flip it there is power storage indicators.

Urwerk's other legend is UR-110, most people probably already see. That watch is something I'm not bad, though for some it may be big, or too complicated, it has become a very recognizable part, it is very primitive shape and time the way, nothing else to say it again , Then staring at, hope the time will be faster, so you can see these arrows at cheap watches online

Finally, one may not be my favorite design, but really on me because I found the story behind and the mechanism. So you know this little brand called Patek Philippe it? I thought so. I like Patek Philippe, but to some extent they try to make a fashion show in a linear way and hire a very talented watchmaker Louis Cottier (twentieth century At the beginning). Then, Patek Philippe can not produce it ... so Urwerk takes the basic design as a inspiration and builds a section called CC1 (Cottier Cobra's CC) that shows the linear time, hours and minutes, the second rotates in a very cool way The top of the dial.

Now that I'm ready, we're going to introduce two new watches to Urwerk. The first is my personal love to become colder Or should it be hotter? Because of this new rose gold version, when I tried to put it on my hand, almost burned my wrist. Personally, I'm not a fan of a big rose gold watch, but recently I thought I was getting ripe and I saw some watches like this UR-210 just made me feel "ok i did not have a UR210, if i find them just let my watch look better, i will cry.Of course, it's always a taste of the problem, but I do not think someone has already liked 210, do not like it's a new version!

Finally, if your UR-210 is hot, then I will mislead you. As a new Nitro, cooperation between two awesome brands (Urwerk and MB & F) is on fire. With the release of the new black version, I think it will get more fans than ever :) First, the word about Nitro (or other C3H5N309) is a project created by my watch dream team two great Modern companies get together to make this machine, use the head of both brands, and remove the dial from the famous Felix Wanker Rotary engine, which looks more complicated than the Hard Level Sudoku in my daily newspaper , Becoming the most awesome watch of this century made me feel "is it true? Every time I see it.


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