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Hydromechanical Horology: In the new HYT H1 of the most watched clocks of the 2012 Basel World Watch Fair is HYT H1, which is an unusual form, through two liquids (one green, one transparent), through a tiny pipe around the time scale. Technology

The water clock is the first complex system to measure time. After they invented a thousand years later, Confucius said that the time passed like a river in the water. The metaphor of water and time metaphor is deeply rooted in us. Lucien Vouillamoz realized this and, in 2002, he suggested putting the water clock into the 21st century and putting it on your wrist. Many of the views are more likely to be said to be done, which proves to be one of them.

Over the next few years, the concept evolved into a system in which a small flexible reservoir or bellows would be attached to each end of a thin, transparent circular tube that would be mounted in the case. Bellows and tubes will contain two different liquids - one kind of colored, one transparent. When the liquid encounters, the line or meniscus will be visible. When a bellows is compressed, the meniscus will move like a fluid through the syringe plunger being pushed through the needle. Place an hour or minute scale next to the circular tube, and the moving meniscus can mark the passage of time. This is the basic concept behind HYT watches replica

With this concept, Vouillamoz needed a working prototype and patent protection. He called on longtime friends and continuous entrepreneur Patrick Beldos, who invested in the project and played an important role in its success. In the next year, HYT company set up, the same work prototype.

In 2010, Vincent Perriard joined HYT as Chief Executive Officer. Perriard is no stranger to the ultimate watchmaking industry. He is the president of Concord, the brand developed C1 Quantum Gravity, which is a huge avant-garde watch, in the watch ring with its unique technical characteristics known.

HYT recruited Bruno Moutarlier, former industrial director of Audemars Piguet, to prepare the project from the prototype to the ready-to-produce timer. Motion development is responsible for Chronode - specifically designed and built complex mechanical timers. Its mission is to create a traditional mechanical movement to handle the non-traditional task of pushing the liquid through the tube.HYT H1 HYDRO MECHANICAL 148-TT-11-GF-LC REPLICA WATCH

Not surprisingly, the implementation of the project needs to address several technical challenges. It also produced some new terms. In our interview, phrases such as "hydraulic mechanical watch" and "fluid mechanical movement" appeared. This is a good bet, you will not find these terms in Bernard's dictionary.

The company has to use the aerospace, chemical and medical technology and assembly technology. For example, the two liquids can not mix or change the consistency, can not leak or evaporate. Preciflex is the sister company of HYT, with the support of Helbling Technik from the medical instrument world. Clear green liquid is actually oil, water and some other chemicals that HYT will not disclose. Although bright green liquid has the quality of fluorescence, it does not glow in the dark ... but. HYT is working hard. If the green liquid is not your cup of tea, so it can be said, do not worry - other colors will become available on the road.

In order to prevent leakage and evaporation, the system is manufactured with very strict tolerances. The glass tube containing the liquid is blown by the machine to a tolerance of 1 micron. The material used to create the bellows is inspired by the sensors used by NASA. The inner surface of the bellows is coated with gold to increase strength and flexibility. The liquid handling system must be assembled in a clean room. Has registered seven patents for a technology, a design.Richard Mille RM 055 BUBBA watches replica

The proprietary movement powers the display. The movement produces a force of 0.7 Nm (Nm) and is capable of producing 1.2 Nm due to one of the most powerful main springs available. Chronode solves the problem of how to move the liquid at a uniform speed by replacing the hour hand with a worm wheel that operates the piston, which in turn compresses the bellows. These bellows can be seen on the top of the dial at 6 o'clock. When the first compression, the second expansion, and vice versa, causes the liquid to move in the tube.

All of these techniques are included in a box of 48.8mm x 17.9mm in size. H1 Displays hours, minutes, and seconds in the modifier style format. Transparent and green liquid between the meniscus means hours. When the meniscus reaches the 6 o'clock position every day, it retracts around the pipe in a retrograde for a few seconds to continue showing hours. 12 minutes below the hand show minutes. The small rotating wheel at 9:30 represents the number of seconds elapsed. The power reserve indicator tracks the 65-hour autonomy at 2:30.

H1 is not just a one-off effort. Models named H2, H3 and H4 are already under development and will be available in the next three years.BRM BASEL 2017 WATCHES replica


Brand Richard Mille
Item Type Replica RM 055 Watches
Movement Manual
Case Black Rubberized Titanium,Tonneau
Bracelet Rubber
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 42.70 x 49.90 mm
Gender Men
Thickness 13.05mm
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Boxes common box
Model Number RM 055 Bubba Watson Black Rubber Titanium

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