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Examgood 2V0-622 VMware VCP6.5-DCV real exam 2V0-622 test questions

2017-07-13 16:07:45 | ExamGood
Examgood expert team use their experience and knowledge to study the examinations of past years and finally have developed the best training materials about VMware certification 2V0-622 exam. Our 2V0-622 VMware VCP6.5-DCV real exam test are very popular among customers and this is the result of Examgood expert team industrious labor. The 2V0-622 VMware VCP6.5-DCV real exam test of their research have a high quality and have 95% similarity with the true examination questions. Examgood is well worthful for you to rely on.

If you want to pass the exam, you must have a good preparation for the exam.While most people would think passing VMware certification 2V0-622 exam is difficult. However, if you choose Examgood, you will find gaining VMware certification 2V0-622 exam certificate is not so difficult. Examgood 2V0-622 VMware VCP6.5-DCV real exam test are very comprehensive and includes online services and after-sales service.

Do not spend too much time and money, as long as you have Examgood 2V0-622 VMware VCP6.5-DCV real exam test you will easily pass the exam.Examgood has a huge team of IT experts, who continue to use their knowledge and experience to study a lot of IT certification examination papers of past few years. Their findings of the research is now the product of Examgood, therefore Examgood 2V0-622 VMware VCP6.5-DCV real exam test are very similar with the real exam, which can help a lot of people to realize their dreams.

Share some VCP6.5-DCV 2V0-622 exam questions and answers below.
Which is the correct order for upgrading vSphere components?
A. vCenter Server, ESXi hosts, VMware Tools, Virtual Machine hardware
B. VMware Tools, Virtual Machine hardware, ESXi hosts, vCenter Server
C. vCenter Server, Virtual Machine hardware, VMware tools, ESXi hosts
D. ESXi hosts, vCenter Server, Virtual Machine hardware, VMware Tools
Answer: D

Which are four attributes of the Active vCenter HA node? (Choose four.)
A. It uses the vCenter HA network to communicate with the Witness node.
B. It constantly replicates vPostgres data with the Witness node.
C. It uses a public IP address for the managementinterface.
D. It runs the active vCenter Server Appliance instance.
E. It uses the vCenter HA network for replication of data.
F. It provides a quorum to protect against split-brain situations.
Answer: A,C,D,E

An administrator is attempting to power on a virtual machine with 32GB of memory. The operation fails with the following error:
Could not power on VM : No space left on device
Checking the space on the virtual machine’s datastore, there is 30GB free.
Which action would allow the VM to power on?
A. Set a 2GB memory reservation on the VM.
B. Mount the virtual disk from the affected VM on to another virtual machine and free up space from within the OS.
C. Enable vSphere HD admission control on the cluster in which the VM resides.
D. Set a 2GB memory limit on the VM.
Answer: B

Which iSCSI initiator type can be used with any network interface card?
A. Software iSCSI initiator
B. Software FCoE adapter
C. Hardware Independent iSCSI initiator
D. HardwareDependent iSCSI initiator
Answer: A

Which two datastore types are supported by Storage I/O Control v2? (Choose two.)
D. Virtual Volumes
Answer: C,E

It is the real that can help you to pass VMware certification 2V0-622 certificate. Why is Examgood very popular? Because Examgood has a group of IT elite which is committed to provide you with the best test questions and test answers. Therefore, Examgood will provide you with more and better certification training materials to satisfy your need. Our materials will meet all of the IT certifications. If all of the IT staff can do like this the state will become stronger. Examgood has the exam materials that you most want to get and that best fit you.
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