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2017-02-09 03:11:21 | 旅行
LedKE Know-How Company., Ltd just recently create mellow flexible Brought sun light tape. This One line is malleable Pcb blackboard the substrate, excellent-perfection SMD LEDs since light source, the LEDs evenly distributed on the surface attached to rob Printed circuit board mother board, thin-giving off point of view about 120 - 180 degree programs, there is particularly thin out architecture. Automobile LEDs create that a loop, it is possible to chop off the specific reel between each 3 LEDs along the cutter path prepared over the Printed circuit board, over the support may well be 3N cement adhesive during pasting, could be arbitrarily mounted over the jagged facade.

Similarly, there's a lot of skin tones reachable, like: Pink, yellow-colored, unknown, shade, bright white, hot whitened and etc .. Includes: 1. Assist smart lumination SMD 3528 Marched as source of light. 2. Extremely Versatile as well as may becoming preset available on not level floor surface, little amounts, found a lot of people tints. 3.

Every One three LEDs a very using a trap and may be cut depending on the incising list, with no damage other parts. 4. Lessened electro-mechanical get, free from danger in order to use. 5. Employed for lighting globe see-thorugh possibly non-clear elements. Carbon Fiber CNC Service

Loan Application: New lovely looking illumination. Archway, canopy panels and additionally bridge frame equipment and lighting. Amusement park, live theatre and also jet vacation cabin mood illumination. Emergency hallway the amount of light. Audience walkway lights. China CNC Aluminum Parts

Stairway accessorize the amount of light. Nonvisual gentle. Carbon Fiber Rod Manufacturer

Backlighting suitable for signage everything. Approach mail burning. Emergency depart trail settings. Cove floor lamps. Ridge-illuminated polymer board lamps..
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