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memory card recovery



How to recover deleted photos from SD card

2013-11-12 11:42:47 | 日記



You may think photos in your SD card are definitely safe and risk-free. No, you are totally wrong. Sometimes, when you connect the SD card to another device, this may cause data loss because of virus infection or malware attack and other situations. If you deleted photos from SD card or you formatted the SD card accidentally, and you lost all the precious photos, the key you should know is how to recover deleted photos from SD card firstly. Don’t worry about this issue any more as Formatted SD Card Recovery Pro will take care of this.


Formatted SD Card Recovery Pro is a professional and well-known SD memory card recovery tool for restoring lost, deleted data, files, photos, videos and other files directly from formatted or corrupted SD card. It also can be regarded as photos recovery software. The preview recovery feature allows you to save much more time as you can see the photos thumbnails before recovery. You can freely choose which deleted pictures you want to undelete. The safe recovery process prevents SD card from further damage and data loss and it can recover multiple files once, this may other card recovery utility can not do. Besides, it supports almost all Windows OS, card types and famous digital brands in the market.

How to undelete photos from SD card?

Just three steps you should do: Scan, select and recover.





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