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memory card recovery



How to recover data from memory card

2013-11-08 14:09:40 | 日記


I saw many posts on Yahoo Answers, such as how to recover data from formatted SD card? How to undelete memory card? I have lost many files from memory card, how can I recover them?

Do you think these problems are quite difficult do fix? No! Now, this is very simple if you download and install Memory Card Recovery Pro.


Memory Card Recovery Pro is a professional SD card recovery, which is dedicated to recovering deleted data and photos from formatted SD cards and memory cards. As one of the top memory cards recovery software this SD card recovery tool will undelete accidentally deleted files, data, messages, photos and video from your SD card or any other memory cards.

Key features:
Preview recovery: Display of recoverable photos or files as thumbnails. You can preview the deleted photos and data before recovery.

Batch recovery: It can recover multiple files at one time.
Safe recovery: It can guarantee the recovery with risk-free and prevent devices from further damage.
Devices supported:
Memory Card Recovery Pro supported card and storages: SD card, Micro SD card, SDHC card, Mini SD card; MMC card; CF card, Memory Stick, Smart Media, flash card recovery and XD Picture card recovery etc.


How to recover formatted memory card?

That is as easy as ABC.

Just Run Memory Card Recovery Pro, click Start Scan and Recover. That’s done!


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