memory card recovery

memory card recovery



How to recover files from memory card?

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Memory card have developed rapidly especially in recent years that most people choose to use them to store files and data easily. However data and files on memory card are not as safe as you think. When photos and files are lost by multiple reasons from memory card, you should undelete them as soon as possible or more damages and data loss would have.


I believe most people will choose the so called easy way which means to find a recovery shop to undelete them with money in this situation, but this method cost much money and can only solve the problem for once. Memory Card Recovery Pro will be the best choice for recovering deleted files and photos on memory card.


Memory Card Recovery Pro is a professional and powerful recovery tool for restoring lost, deleted photos, data and files directly from memory card.

There are so many key features of Memory Card Recovery Pro:


Preview Recovery: Display of recoverable photos or files as thumbnails.

Batch Recovery: Recover multi files at one time.

Safe Recovery: The recovery process is safe and risk-free.

Support All Devices: Camera, SD card, Cell Phone, Memory Card, USB, PC, Mac, MP3 and more.

Simple and Interactive GUI: The software can be easily used by any user.


How to recover files from memory card?


Step1. Open this SD Card Recovery software, then connect the device and select the destination folder.


Step2. Scan and select the deleted files.


Step3. Press Recover and gain achievement.




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