The heavy weight it will Post Cap carry

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Recumbent bikes can be fitted for storage areas so you can hold all the stuff you need on your long distance bike riding tour. You should be able to go into both low and high gears for hills and flat stretches.

Training for a long distance bike riding tour depends on how good a shape you are in at the beginning of your training sessions. Again simple equipment means ( mostly) less weight in parts to carry, means it will be easier to find replacement parts and hopefully less chance of break down.A joy of long distance riding is just that..

Recumbent bikes make for good long distance bike riding because they aren't hard on the butt when you ride all day and you're more aerodynamic being so close to the ground. You need a frame that is stronger than the speed merchant road bikes. Firstly, it is important to have the correct bike.Stronger side walls, wider than normal road tyres but with a finer (less chunky ) tread. You should also ensure your gears and chain are regularly cleaned.

Mountain bikes or road bikes are not out of the question for long distance bike riding. A touring bike will start at about $1200 and can go higher than $2500 if you buy a high end bike. You know the old saying "uphill, downhill, good weather, bad weather, headwind, and tailwind". The right bike frame is critical.

For long distance bike riding, you'll need to be able to carry your belongings.You will soon find out if you are fit enough.Then once you are feeling up to it, do a test ride of the intended daily distance required. The last thing you want is the "skunk Spine" from splash off the tyres. Practice riding in all these conditions because you'll probably face them at some point or another in your long distance bike riding tour.

Your touring bike should have a strong aluminum or steel frame with sturdy wheels and cantilever or V brakes. Drop handle bars allow you to have reduced wind resistance while riding. You can't stretch or shift around on a recumbent bike, however, so your joints and muscles may get stiff. Cruising without care to the next town, across the country on a one way tour or the all day weekend ride there and back .. Make sure it is mechanically simple so there is fewer breakdowns and increased ease of fixing anything that might go wrong. This is most commonly know as a touring bike. You need to have a frame strong enough to carry panniers. Start gradually to get your butt in shape and go out every day. As the name suggest, they are designed for touring and you can go long distances at a decent speed . A mountain bike is actually better than a road bike for long distance bike riding because it can handle the load of a pannier much better than a road bike. Tyre selection depends on your intended route - Cross country tyres don't offer speed, they are for traction. You should be able to put on pannier packs, especially for very long distance bike riding.Which ever, you'll need to prepare your bike for long distance bike riding and prepare your muscles (and your bottom) in order to go the distance. Road bikes often don't even have the rack mounting eyelets you need for putting the panniers on so this makes for a problem in modifying the bike. Tyre guards and water proof clothing are important... Fitness , as with any sport , should be gradually worked on, Obviously, the training rides should mimic the intended long distance ride, The first thing to do is look at the distance intended to travel, and then work out the daily kilometres /miles needed over the time available.

If you're using a trailer instead of panniers, practice with the trailer as much as possible and load it down so you get the muscle strength necessary to ride with a trailer that has all your gear in it. There should be mountings for as many water bottles as you can get on the bike. They are robust bikes, which are built to handle the " rattles and shakes" of long distance riding. You also should consider a bike with simple gearing and wheels. Road tyres, by definition are quick, but ensure you get a road tyre that will "last" .

A fender splash guard on your bike might be a better idea than you may think.Practice riding fully loaded so that you can get the hang of how your bike will interact with you and the heavy weight it will Post Cap carry. So, once you know where you are going ,spend quality time choosing the right tyre.

The fifty to seventy pounds you add on with panniers may make the bike unable to be safely ridden. Remember that, while these may be cheaper bikes, it costs money to modify them for the road so keep that in mind

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