The first 56 minutes

2017-12-08 14:12:04 | 日記
Ozil sub-goal, Sanchez sent a wonderful pick, Ramsay put off the self-rebellious offensive knocks, Rakazette blocked shot off the ball after a small stop, Arsenal pulled the score 1 to 2. The first 52 minutes, Lin Jiade restricted left-wing shot was Cech rushed hit the left post after the pop-up Evgeny Kuznetsov Jersey, Mashal fill shot was blocked by Monreal. Arsenal then launched a counterattack, Ivoby restricted area midway volley saved by Degea Matt Niskanen Jersey.

The first 56 minutes, Ivalby pass the restricted area pass, Lazatez's attack by Degea bravely denounced, then Sanchez supplemented by Dege Asia incredibly sealed.

The second half began a sudden change in the situation Rod Langway Jersey, the first 52 minutes Liam O'brien Jersey, Davidson - Sanchez serious foul on Richardson, the referee showed his red card to be punished, Tottenham field only 10 people play. The first 55 minutes, Deng Beilei long shot wide of the right column outside. The first 63 minutes, Du Kuey long shot in the right column ejected. The first 68 minutes, Triumph's right-sided pass went straight to the restricted area, but unfortunately saved by Gomez.
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