Coach Todd McLaren adjusted

2017-05-05 12:38:40 | 日記
Coach Todd McLaren adjusted the striker group that had fallen into the scoring situation, and Jordan Alberta was mentioned in a group of partners Nick Foligno Jerseys, Connor McDowell and Patrick Mullen, while the German Lyon de la leau Then led the two groups, surrounded by Milan Luke Qi and settled by Slipichenff. In the game over the trapeze, the team's four strikers have achievements, so the game team to retain this lineup configuration is highly likely. In particular, Mike Davide single field to get a goal 2 assists, for the scoring in the hot pursuit of their own Crosby made a strong response Ryan Craig Jerseys.

On the defense line, the mainstay of the team Oscar Clive Boom performance brave Michael Chaput Jerseys, the past two games have 2 goals 2 assists performance, his attack on both ends of the series will be the key to the oil can revenge.

Goalkeeper position, the main Kandal Talbot although faced with excessive use, but his performance is fairly stable, the average rate of 92.0% this season, but in the past three games, his performance is lower than the average season, The game face the old hatred, he will be the team to curb the black star several star players to play the most critical force Corey Tropp Jerseys.
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