Goalkeeper position

2017-05-05 12:38:42 | 日記
Goalkeeper position, the game penguin brought Mark - Andre Foley, the game host Matt Murray will be put on the debut Cam Atkinson Jerseys, the latter three debut a total of only lost three balls, he will give Blue team striker brought great test.

The other side of the blue side of the game, the past 10 games only 4 games to win, the team rumors of various rumors, but fortunately playing game big score beat Toronto Maple Leaf should let the morale to be stable. Before winning the Maple Leaf team, the team attacked a serious problem, three games before entering the four goals. On the offensive end, Brandon Durbinski became the backbone of the team, the last seven games he scored 3 goals and another 6 assists, performance is far better than the other striker Boone Jenner Jerseys, if he can drive around the team's top scorer Kande Atkinson's play, the team's group will continue to show strong firepower. But behind them, Brandon Sade and Nick Fiorno and others are still cold Seth Jones Jerseys, they can adjust the state will determine the blue team to play.

On the defensive end, the team still showed some loopholes, this season in the same score on the court case, the Black Hawks offensive attack rate of only 49.94%, ranking the league 15, which is not consistent with their second place in the west, Many times this season are relying on the goalkeeper and striker group play to make the team win, the game they face two consecutive victories of the oil team, the defense will play a key role Oliver Bjorkstrand Jerseys.
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