St. Louis Blues will be Ryan

2017-07-17 16:22:43 | 日記
St. Louis Blues will be Ryan - Rivers sent to the penguin, in exchange for 2017 No. 31 sign and striker Oscar - Song Dequist. Penguin also received a sign of No. 51 in 2017 30-year-old Rivers Division striker Jonathan Toews Jersey, played 80 games this season, a career-high 13 points (7 goals 6 assists), there are 104 minutes of punishment time. Career 419 regular season he accumulated a total of 695 minutes penalty time, willing to confront, tough style.

Las Vegas Golden Knight General Manager George - Mike announced the team's own trading deadline: US Eastern time today at 12 o'clock. In preparation for the NHL expansion, McAfee has been talking about other teams in the league Glenn Hall Jersey. He received a list of protection lists and exposure lists for the team yesterday and needed to submit the final selection by Thursday morning chicago blackhawks jersey cheap. But he said he plans to confirm the list tomorrow.

The first round of the rookie of the 2017NHL draft show at the Chicago Black Hawk's home center has all been produced Artemi Panarin Jersey. 31 young and highly talented teenagers have come to the fore, and the New Jersey devil has chosen the Swiss center Nick Hescher, Szchel has also become the first Swiss champion in the history of NHL, the second place for the Canadian center Nolan - Patrick, the third place for the Finnish defender Miro - Hays Cunning. While congratulating them on their dreams and finally realizing it, we are eagerly looking forward to the fact that these fresh blood will appear in the NHL as soon as possible in the future for the wonderful game. Here we take a look at this year's first round of rookie specific list.
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