Ice hockey is fast

2017-07-17 15:38:38 | 日記
Ice hockey is fast, making the players on the ice confrontation and collision is more intense, it is for these reasons, most of the team in the selection of players will be their height and weight more consideration. But at this year's NHL draft, Edmonton oilers - the more emphasis on the use of their own physical advantage of the team but with their first round of the selection of a height of only 173cm, weighing only 67kg small Players: Keller - Yamamoto (he is almost 45 kg lighter than the oil team's Milan - Roussilli) Michal Rozsival Jersey. After the draft, this name from the Western Youth Hockey League Spokane chiefs of the players also attracted more and more attention.

Height of 184cm, weight 81kg, good left hand shot, excellent taxi technology and speed, there are higher than the maturity of their peers and golf business, which is 2017 NHL draft pick Nick - Hester Chelle Corey Crawford Jersey. 18-year-old Swiss Hitzcher is not physically dominant, but this does not prevent him from becoming a highly threatening player on the field.

A total of seven people were selected for the 2017 Hockey Hall of Fame Marcus Kruger Jersey, which includes four former NHL players: Tamu - Stanley, Dave - Andre Chuck, Mark - Lei Ji and Paul - Carlyle. The other three were selected: Danielle - Goete, former Canadian woman hockey player; Jeremy - Jacobs, Boston Bruce Boss boss; Claire - Derek, University Hockey Coach chicago blackhawks jersey sale.
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