February 26 this year

2017-07-17 15:38:42 | 日記
February 26 this year, the chiefs and the Kelowna Rockets in the game NHL Jersey Sale, Anderson - Dolan also in their own club wrapped around the rainbow color tape (six-color rainbow is a commonly used symbol of homosexual movement) In order to echo NHL annual "ice hockey belongs to everyone" theme of the event Scott Darling Jersey. Not only that, under the influence of Anderson - Doran, the entire team members of the Spokane chiefs in the warm-up before the all in their own club wrapped in rainbow color tape to express the support of the multi-Lan and Dolan family , The scene is quite touching.

Champion Ma Matthews must remember the tension before the draft last year Glenn Hall Jersey, when he was ready to go to Buffalo. And a year later, when the 19-year-old Matthews sat in the NHL awards ceremony waiting for the best rookie award announcement, familiar feeling again hit. But the results no suspense - Matthews won 167 first votes in the 164, overwhelming advantage came to accept the award.

Flame General Manager Brad said that Amonik has no problem in adapting to the team: "He must have been coveted for a while NHL Jersey Cheap, at the end of the deal you are bidding, you have to pay to get. You hate to pay, but our Eyes are on a lot of things; we think he is very suitable as a complement to the team, he is a right hand player, it is suitable for us, the coach will consider specific issues, I think we can put him next to Brodie. This four guard lineup look.
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