The Ice shaver was getting people

2017-06-10 11:15:48 | 日記
The Ice shaver was getting people to hear about this wonderful new tool. Fred Waring took on the marketing himself. He began in 1938 by changing the name of the company manufacturing the blender to the Waring Company and the tool to the Waring Blender. Then he spread the word. As a musician Waring was on the road a lot, spending much time in hotels and restaurants.

He pitched his Waring Blender to the chefs and bartenders wherever he went. Next he took on the big department stores such as Bloomingdales and B. Altman. And by 1954, 1 million Waring Blenders had been sold. They are still selling today in modern versions and even a vintage reproduction of the original machine.

The modern kitchen without a blender is incomplete. It helps in performing various task of grating the food, whipping the cream and many more. To choose from the endless options is a real tough job as there are The Gas Powered Blender, The Immersion Blender, Electric Blender, Cordless Blender, Portable Blender, Battery Operated Blender, Hand Blender, Mini Blender, Stick Blender and stainless steel blender. These blenders are manufactured as per your need and convenience.

some blenders are unique and can do the bone crushing job with ease. Some are handy and does not require space whereas some are huge and requires proper place to store. All the blenders come with different attachment for different purposes The blenders have different size and shape and come in variety of colors giving a better choice to the buyer. While buying a blender the endless option may confuse you to make the best choice. Selecting a right blender is not all about crushing the ice. Off course it is the toughest job but you need to know more about its capacity, functions, durability and on the whole its working capacity.
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