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In the recent years, the demand for Galvanized Steel Sheets has spiraled upwards not only in the domestic markets but also on the international front. In layman terms, Galvanized Steel Sheets are basically steel sheets which have been coated with a layer of zinc through processes like Hot Dip Galvanization or Electro-Galvanization, etc. As compared to plain Steel sheets, the Galvanized Steel Sheets are tougher, sturdier, can withstand corrosion effectively, & are light weight too.

Apart from the above mentioned applications, some other major uses of Galvanized Steel Sheets include for roofing applications, for making the protective covers of several domestic & industrial-use machines (AC ducting, refrigerators, automotive bodies, water storage tanks, & many others.Owing to many beneficial properties of Galvanized Steel Sheets highlighted above, these sheets have durable life & offer efficient performance in all kinds of working environment - marine, highly industrial, rural, tropical, etc. As one of the prominent Stainless Steel Suppliers In India, Shah Steel Yard is renowned for offering superior quality Ms Steel Products. The top class product line includes Mild Steel Sheets, Mild Steel Angles, Mild Steel Pipes, Mild Steel Bars, Mild Steel Beams, Mild Steel Plates, Mild Steel Plates, Mild Steel Channels, Mild Steel Galvanised Wire, etc.

Owing to such beneficial properties, these value added products are enjoying a rising demand in the industry.Galvanized Steel Sheets - How the Zinc Layer Helps?One of the most important functions served by the Zinc coating in case of the Galvanized steel coil Sheets is to act as a shield. The corrosive elements responsible for the disintegration of the steel are not allowed contact with surface due to the presence of the Zinc layer. The zinc coating also ensures that a proper surface finishing can be easily applied to the metal, thereby increasing its visual appeal.Different Applications Of Galvanized Steel SheetsThere is hardly any sector where the Galvanized Steel Sheets are not used in one form or the other. From residential & commercial building constructions, to manufacturing of consumer durables & other daily utility items, to the engineering field, to railways, power department & PWD, the use of Galvanized Steel Sheets can be seen everywhere.

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