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HCNA-HNTD certification H12-211-ENU dumps

2017-12-07 11:01:47 | 日記
In this competitive IT industry, having some authentication certificate can help you promote job position. Many companies that take a job promotion or increase salary for you will refer to how many gold content your authentication certificates have. Huawei H12-211-ENU is a high gold content certification exam. Huawei H12-211-ENU authentication certificate can meet many IT employees needs. Passcert can provide you with Huawei certification H12-211-ENU exam targeted training. You can free download Passcert trial version of HCNA-HNTD certification H12-211-ENU dumps as a try.

Passcert provides very comprehensive HCNA-HNTD certification H12-211-ENU dumps to help candidates become familiar with the HCNA-HNTD certification H12-211-ENU dumps that they will need to answer during the real exam. It is usually the apprehension about the unknown questions that makes the candidates nervous about their exams. With the help of our HCNA-HNTD certification H12-211-ENU dumps, we will help you tackle your H12-211-ENU exam with a lot of confidence.

Share some HCDA H12-211-ENU exam questions and answers below.
In STP, assuming that all switches are configured the same priority, switch1 MAC address is 00-e04c-00-00-40, switch 2 MAC address is 00-e0-fc-00-00-10, switch3 MAC address is 00-e0-fc-00-00-20, switch4 MAC address is 00-e0-fc-00-00-80, the root switch should be ( ).
A. Switch 1
B. Switch 2
C. Switch 3
D. Switch 4
Answer: B

The network administrator in a network to capture a data frame to the destination MAC address is 01-00-5E-A0-B1-C3.
Which statement of the Mac address is correct ( )
A. It is a unicast MAC address
B. It is a broadcast MAC address
C. It is a multicast MAC address
D. It is an illegal MAC address
Answer: C

AS shown, create VLAN2 on the SWA and SWB, configure the port connection to the host as Access Port, and blong to VLAN2. The SWA's G0/0/1 and SWB's G0/0/2 are both Trunk Port, and allow all VLAN.
If you want the normal communication between the host, the network administrator needs to ( ).

A. Creating VLAN2 to the SWC
B. Configurating the G0/0/1 of SWC as trunk port and allowing VLAN2
C. Configurating the G0/0/1 and G0/0/2 of SWC as trunk ports and allowing VLAN2
D. Creating VLAN2 to the SWC, configurating the G0/0/1 and G0/0/2 as trunk ports and allowing VLAN2
Answer: D

When the specified interface running at RIPv2 multicast mode, which of the following statement is correct? ( ) (Select 2 answers)
A. receive only RIPv2 multicast messages
B. does not receive RIPv1 broadcast messages
C. receive RIPv1 broadcast messages
D. RIPv1 receive multicast messages
Answer: AB

display startup
Startup system software: sd1:
Next startup system software: sd1:
Backup system software for next
startup: null
Startup saved-configuration file:
Next startup saved-configuration
file: null
Startup license file: null
Next startup license file: null
Startup patch package: null
Next startup patch package: null
Startup voice-files: null
Next startup voice-files: null
The above is the AR2200 router's display startup information, about this information, which statement is wrong?
A. the running configuration file is not saved
B. in this startup, the system file that the equipment used is
C. the system files cannot be modified when the equipment in the next startup
D. the system files can use the named "startup system software, cc" to modify during the equipment next startup
Answer: C

In order to view the mode of the serial port S0/0/1 on a router work in DTE or DCE, which of the following commands should be used?
A. display controller serial
B. display saved-config
C. display interface s0/0/1
D. display current-config
Answer: C

What encryption algorithm is used by CHAP in the PPP protocol?
B. MD5
D. Not Used
Answer: B

In IPv6 network, Which of the following characteristics does OSPPv3 no longer support ?
A. Multi-zoning division
B. Router-ID
C. authentication function
D. to send protocol packets via multicast way
Answer: C

Access port can only receive and dispatch Untagged frame, when received data frame with Tag will be discarded directly.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

As shown in the configuration, the administrator configures OSPF in R1, but on R1 learning is less than other routers routing, the possible reason is? (select three answers)
[R1] ospf
[R1-ospf-1] area 1
[R1-ospf-1-area-] network
A. the router configuration of regional ID is different from its neighbor router ID
B. the router without authentication function, but the neighbor router is configured with the authentication function
C. the router configuration, without configure OSPF process
D. the router in the OSPF configuration without the network of connected neighbors
Answer: ABD

H12-211-ENU exam by Huawei is quite a challenging Certification Exam. Besides the books, internet is considered to be a treasure of knowledge where you can find each type of help regarding the test. Numerous sites are freely offering HCNA-HNTD certification H12-211-ENU dumps for self practice. It will be a great help to get know how about all intricate aspects of the test. You will come across Passcert H12-211-ENU, it can help you pass Huawei H12-211-ENU exam easily.
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