Orioles are also facing the next debut

2017-04-23 20:46:15 | 日記
Orioles are also facing the next debut of Logan hit a sacrifice to play, the score again widened to 4: 2. Kuroda Hiroshi Battle of the game 6 Board out 4 points, but sent out seven times the vibration, compared to vote 6 Board out of 2 minutes of Tilman, he can only accept the identity of the candidate. The final Yankees powerless to heaven Garrett Richards Jersey, to 2: 4 lost the game, and Kuroda Bo tree results also changed to 7 wins and 6 losses, and won the victory of the Tillman is to 10 wins the club, as this season, the United Fifth win double-digit pitcher.

In today's Los Angeles Angels' rising supernova, last season's Midland Best Rookie and MVP voter seconder Trout finished a rare blow in the match against the sailors. The so-called full blow is in a game at the same time hit a base hit, second base, third base and home run. He also goes 21 years old with a 21-year-old record of 21-year-old 313 days to create the final blow to the youngest player. In this supernova brave performance, the angels also to 12: 0 score victory over opponents.

The last game was cast out of the worst performance of the season Andrew Heaney Jersey, and the game was trying to get back to the state, but he was facing a tough Texas Rangers. The first half of the first half, he has to face before the start of the season by ESPN as the first newcomer of the big round of the presenter Andrelton Simmons Jersey. This was born in 1993, only 20-year-old teenager in this week only by the rider main second baseman Ginsler into the list of wounded up to the big league. The first play of the game, in the face of the rock Kuang Jiuzhi, he fired a right field direction of the spring home run, which is his first home run this season. The second half of the second half, rangers and rely on two hits and a sacrifice to play the score to expand to 2: 0 Ryan LaMarre Jersey.
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