Manchester United will go to Ben Bernanke

2017-04-23 20:46:14 | 日記
Manchester United will go to Ben Bernanke in a Premier League in Sunday, where Mourinho is bound to make some adjustments, and he rejoins in Spain. Field Herrera. "I did not arrange for him to debut in the UEFA Cup knockout against Andrecht, because he got another yellow card," he said, adding that "Herrera will debut in this game Scott Wilson Jersey. Was suspended, I do not want him to miss the UEFA Cup semi-finals.

For Manchester United, Ibrahimovic's contract problem is also a big problem Ben Lovejoy Jersey. His contract will expire in the summer, Manchester United will be the name of the veterans who have to recuperate for six months or unknown Matt Cullen Jersey. But now they can not consider this, because the two-line operations of Manchester United has come to the sprint stage, whether it is league or the European Cup are in urgent need of someone to stand out instead of Ibrahimovic assault. Recently Mourinho seems to find the answer, because the local teenager Rushford performance is extremely eye-catching. He first in the game against Chelsea for the team to open the record, then contribute a ball to help lore Anderlecht, he will be Manchester United's current striker position choice.

Manchester City Rob Scuderi Jersey, Paris Saint-Germain and Inter Milan have reached the provisions of the fiscal fair bill, Manchester City and Paris will be returned 40 million euros in fines.

The fiscal fair bill was discussed and adopted in 2009 by the UEFA Executive Committee and was an important part of UEFA President Platini's New Deal. The bill provides for three years as a review cycle, calculate the club three years of income and expenditure, the club loss can not exceed the threshold set by the bill.
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