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Monkey tree review-English pronunciation comparison

2017-06-18 21:09:54 | 日記

Monkey tree review, 

Chinese people have such a stereotype; that sooner or later Chinese will be eliminated by the English. Remember once, it was probably Hoo-ch'iu that it was clearly stated in the debate. A few days ago 'Century Lecture Hall' invited a scholar Li Rui also believes that the result of globalization is to let the world rule the world. Only Nguyen Zishan in a 'big time, little story' talk about the speed of thinking faster than English faster than English. However, since he made a question; since the use of Chinese language 'sound' makes the speed of thinking faster than English, then, because the voice of Cantonese than Mandarin, is not the speed of thinking in Cantonese faster than Mandarin? My answer is that although Cantonese uses more than Mandarin, but there are two shortcomings in Cantonese, first, its text is not well planned, the text is poorly expressed, and there is a sound of closed syllables. Second, its voice utilization is not high, Mandarin has 21 initials, 35 vowels and four sound, even the result is 2900 sound, but can be used is 2500, and really used in Mandarin Only 1200. There are nine sounds in Cantonese, even if its initials and vowels are as much as Mandarin, then the actual use of the voice should be twice as much as Putonghua, but the actual use of voice in Cantonese is only 1500, and Mandarin Almost, and its utilization is almost double that of Mandarin. Utilization rate is small, it is difficult to learn. Because the same one of the initials or vowels, each use is actually a practice process, the use of high initials or vowels must be easy to remember, easy to master. Everyday life can also see, all commonly used language elements, including the initials, vowels, Chinese characters and words wait, the more often used more easily grasp. The quality of the language depends on two aspects, first, is not able to use very little memory to master, the second is not able to master in the rest of his life more knowledge than others? In the words of a limit it should be: the best language is not learned, but the knowledge of the most knowledge of the language, or that learn less and more language.

English and Mandarin is different, the international phonetic, English has 20 vowels and 20 consonants, so the English voice type will not exceed 20 × 20 = 400; conversely, not in the four hundred sounds Any of the voices are not recognized by English, or are considered to be incorrect pronunciation; what is said here is not 'syllable'. Compare to see that Chinese pronunciation is three times the size of English, the ratio of the two is much larger than the ratio of Cantonese and Mandarin.

Here to talk about why the more types of sound, the faster the speed of thinking. This question, last year I was in the 'Beijing Chinese Forum' forum for a month to make everyone clear, here I hope to try to put it simple. Suppose there is a person who will only send two voices, specifically, he will send a and b two tones. According to the computer theory, we know that he can use these two symbols can still express the whole world. Assuming that there are only 400 things in the world that need to be expressed, then an Englishman can use every utterance to express one of the 400 things, and only two people will sound, and sometimes have to use nine pronunciation To express one of the 400 things, because the second of the nine times only greater than 400. For example, the British use 'i' to represent 'me' and only two people may use abbababba to represent the concept of 'me'. Most people need to consume about a quarter of a second for each sound. Comparison of the two will see that only two people, not only slow to express, but also effortless. In the expression of the concept of 'me', the British use a quarter of a second, and only two people who use the sound of two and a quarter of a second. If two people always live in such a proportion of life, all the information they enjoy in their lifetime will be the opposite of 9: 1. In the actual case, the most obvious is the Japanese and Chinese contrast, we know that Japanese uses 100 different sounds, and Chinese use of 1200 kinds of sounds, so many Chinese characters to the Japanese must read with two or three Voice to express. We assume that all the words in Japanese are expressed in two voices, then it is not that the Japanese life can enjoy the information is only half of the Chinese people? I have thought about it, this is not with the history of Japan has never been a great thinker. We know that thinking is actually a kind of heart that process, if expressed in the speech fast, then the speed of thinking should follow the fast. The specific example is Zhao Yuan Ren has been used in English and Chinese recite the speed of multiplication formulas, Chinese use of 30 seconds, while the use of English for 45 seconds. Therefore, if two people at the same time in English and Chinese to recite the words, to 30 seconds when the Chinese users must think of the 981, and the English users will not be here, maybe, he thought only Seven seven forty nine. This proves that the use of more than the pronunciation of the language than the use of less pronunciation type of language thinking faster. This has been the country, both inside and outside the scholars confirmed. As to whether the speed of thinking on behalf of the smart problem is recognized by many scholars.

My evidence is to explain a history of the 'mystery' why the ancient Greeks are smarter than others Because the Greek culture from the ancient Phillips, we know that the Phoenicians invented the human phonetic alphabet, the decomposition of the sound, this is a big step forward, the speed of thinking, it is a big retrogression. Because, in order to screen for easy to distinguish between the sound elements, the Phoenicians only use 22 consonants, so that its speed of expression is certainly slower than any language now, and the Greeks are using vowels, we know vowels and consonants After the combination, the type of sound is equal to several times. In fact, the phoneme's voice also has vowels, otherwise they are not made out. The so-called 22 consonants are that they only recognize that the 22 consonants for the information carrier, that is, ma, me, mu, mai, muo in their ears with a m without any difference like me four tones for There is no difference between the British. Due to the sudden increase in the type of sound makes the Greek thinking by leaps and bounds, resulting in a later phenomenon. Forum has been asked to speak Chinese language is still more than English, why not the British advanced. My answer is that when the sound type suddenly increases when there is a new idea, on the contrary, when the sound type is reduced, the idea tends to be conservative, and the Yuan Dynasty, the Chinese voice lost a 'into' sound, China Weakness happened from then on. Finally, when discussing the Neanderthals, people also found that the use of fewer types of voice will be eliminated by history.

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