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Trekking from Izumigatake to Jogi

2017-06-10 21:00:00 | 山歩き / Trekking

Among more than two hundred applicants, I was luckily chosen by drawing lots for a one-day trekking tour from Mt. Izumigatake to the Jogi Temple, which was held by Sendai city government.

Almost thirty citizens got together at the parking place of the mountain at 08:30 in the morning, and started walking into an old forest road at 08:45.

The path had been historically used for visitors to the Jogi Temple. Going up and down, I was wondering what wishes old pilgrims prayed at the temple.

At a good viewpoint, I could see the Nanakita Dam, the Shellcom, and the downtown of Sendai, over the mountains covered in fresh greenery.

We reached the Jogi Temple at 11:50 after a twelve-kilometer walk.

I found the Five-Storied Pagoda in the distance.

Then we enjoyed famous Yakimeshi and Abura-age, or deep-fried Tofu, for lunch.

As my first trial, I checked and recorded the trail I took all along the tour, on a Ziplock, with a map in it.  It really worked.

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