Halle was left in the 6-game

2017-04-19 21:09:03 | 日記
Halle was left in the 6-game losing streak of 2 points after the high-quality starting to win the identity of the winner. The second half of the sixth inning, the Philadelphia people rely on three hits and the other side of a mistake to score to 9: 2, but also let the game lost suspense, although the rattlesnake by Polak's third shot to catch the score 5: 9 But still swallowed the failure. Halle had also won a win, which was his first win after April 19. This time the ball also let the rattlesnake playoff situation is more optimistic, they have been away from the top two Cardinals and the Reds farther and farther.

There is no doubt that in all the unknown pitcher before the season cast the most dazzling performance of the Metropolitan Harvey, he not only selected the All-Star Game, also became the League of Nations all-star team starting pitcher. However, today's metropolitan area has found Harvey's bowler, that is, the right hand of the elbow ligament part of the tear Noe Ramirez Jersey. The general treatment of this situation is to carry out ligament reorganization surgery, and now this operation has been very mature, including the national Strasbourg and Cardinals Wayne Wright in the acceptance of this operation is not only the level of decline, but dominate The force is stronger, but it still takes about 18 months to recover Matt Barnes Jersey. Because Harvey's elbow is not completely torn, he can also take conservative therapy, that is, to suspend the pitch at this stage Ted Williams Jersey, seen after a period of time after his elbow ligament can automatically heal.

In today's game, South Korea left turn Liu Xianzhen met Marin (microblogging) fish Cuban genius pitcher Fernandez Tyler Thornburg Jersey, cast 6 games lost 2 points Fernandez will cast 7.1 Bureau lost 3 points Liu Xianzhen than to help the ball Team 6: 2 beat the opponent, send an opponent two straight. The red socks, in yesterday at home in Boston just with the Yankees fighting to the US East morning, today will fly across the entire continent, to the West Bank of San Francisco face giant. Boston has a lot of famous schools, including Harvard, Red Sox also listen to a study from the Harvard sleep experts, as usual as the rush to the West Bank is not as good as sleep at home after the sleep, The next day early to fly San Francisco, and the spirit of the Red Sox also 7: 0 score to defeat the giant, won the victory.
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