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2017-04-19 21:09:02 | 日記
Metropolitan management that will let Harvey their own choice to use what kind of therapy, and he was immediately put into the list of wounded. The original scouts are that Harvey's pitching posture standards and the least damage to the elbow, should not get such a injury, but this situation is still let everyone disappointed and feel sad, afraid of this young pitcher will be After this slump Roger Clemens Jersey, no longer past the hand. To the author's point of view, Harvey is best to choose ligament reorganization surgery, even if the recovery period is relatively long, but this is the best way to cure his elbow injury insurance, not to mention the perspective of the metropolitan Chris Young Jersey, within one to two years, Do not have the strength to become a playoff team, which can also let him slowly recuperate, in no hurry back. Of course, if Harvey choose conservative therapy, he may be in the next season to come back pitching, but will not leave the risk of injury is not good to say.

The game can be said that the two national league best new strong contender between the duel, by the South Korea left Liu Xianzhen face Marinite Cuban genius pitcher Fernandez. The 50 games before the war, Dodge's score is 46 wins and 8 losses of terror, this winning percentage in the history of the league can be ranked in the forefront, there is no doubt that the most hot team now, their pitcher group is also power Can not do it

In the first two Council after the two sides have excellent performance Chris Sale Jersey, the third half of the second half, two out of the case, open the attack is actually Marlins pitcher Fernandez Robby Scott Jersey. In this one should have easily won the number of out, Fernandez hit a hitter. After that, Marlins made a 2-0 lead in a row with a halftime attack and a sniper strike. As a result of the recent period of Dodge another defection from the Cuban genius Pugger gradually mischief, the team's attack has become difficult.
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