I win the Champions League

2017-06-20 14:29:48 | 日記
I'll retire if I win the Champions League," he said. "I'll be retiring right away," he said. "Last season, Guardiola went to Manchester City and was in the middle of the day." Let Manchester City fans full of hope, did not expect that last season, Manchester City even four are empty, barely to keep the Premiership four seats Ron Duguay Jersey.

O'Bermei Yang in the past two seasons to play a strong, has become the world's top soccer recognized top striker. Although the play in the Dott good, but the Obama is very deep with the high-level contradictions (the media that Obama and Dott's sponsor differences lead to both disputes) new york rangers jersey for sale. Prior to the German media "Bibliography" said Obermei Yang has cleared his own wardrobe in the Doric dressing room, while Obama's brother is still on the social network drying out of Obama's baggage baggage photos.

Dona Lu Ma and Milan's contract expires in the summer, Milan for the goalkeeper is very important, so already began with its renewal negotiations, but Donarama's agent La Oola is to pursue the interests of players To maximize the conflict with the Milan high-level. Although Rajola in an interview recently for the Milan renewal Donaru horse talk about the views expressed Nick Holden Jersey, but in the eyes of the public, Raiola's remarks some untenable, after all, from his approach, He does not allow Donaluma to renew his contract with Milan for money Matt Hunwick Jersey.
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