C Lo in the past year to win the Champions

2017-06-20 14:29:48 | 日記
C Lo in the past year to win the Champions League Michael Grabner Jersey, World Club Cup and the European Cup, and in the past this season and won the La Liga and the Champions League, C Lo can be said to take the championship to soft. C Luo excellent play also let Maradona added to their praise, in an interview recently Dylan Mcilrath Jersey, the old horse said: "C Luo in the football field is simply a play, I hope he is a Argentine player.

Next, Florentino said, "Since the Champions League final, I have not had the same communication with C Luo, I have been through the media to hear those rumors Josh Jooris Jersey, but to know that his contract breach of contract is 880 million pounds (1 billion euros) .Therefore, unless the club is willing to pay the money, otherwise he will stay.

"Sun" in today's statistics, and now the pursuit of C Lo's club a total of five, respectively, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Monaco and Paris Chris Summers Jersey, on the financial point of view, they have the ability to spend 1-2 billion euros to introduce C Lo, but 1 billion euros, then, is the absolute price, in the European football, no team has such a financial loss of money to pay 1 billion euros of C Luo, therefore, Lafayette's implication is that C Lo is not for sale.
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