The gunmen visited the 19-year-old

2017-06-20 15:12:01 | 日記
The gunmen visited the 19-year-old teenager for months Phil Esposito Jersey, and they had established contact with his broker team James Patrick Jersey. Now Arsenal want to beat Sevilla, Monaco and Everton to get this player. Borg worth about 18 million pounds Mark Messier Jersey, the price of Arsenal is not a problem. This defensive midfielder can solve the Wenger team long pain point, while the liberation of Zaka and Ramsey. "Mirror" that the arrival of Borg for Wenger to solve the midfielder of the defensive problems, will be Kirklin and Ernini's enhanced, while the liberation of Zacha and Ramsey in the midfield running space.

In addition, Pepe, Cohen Trang and J Luo and other friends may leave the team also let C Luo mood worse. Searle radio also revealed that, in addition to Zinedine Zidane, Ramos, C Lo over the past few days did not receive any Real Madrid teammates information, Real Madrid teammates did not even behind the public C Luo, which makes the situation more bad. Searle radio revealed that several Real Madrid players think that C Luo made such a reaction is "very normal" Henrik Lundqvist Jersey, do not have to seriously deal with Mr. Jin Qi may leave the situation.

Has missed the Gleeszmann, Lukaku, Manchester United has this summer to block the target focus on Mora tower body, as early as last week, the British media and Western media have confirmed that Mora La has been determined to leave Not the full appearance of Real Madrid, the Spanish striker's agent has also been with Florentino showdown, allegedly Manchester United have the opportunity to 65 million pounds worth to sign the Spanish striker.
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