C Lo in the media after the exposure

2017-06-20 15:12:06 | 日記
C Lo in the media after the exposure of the media exposure, the contradiction between C Luo and Real Madrid continue to be disclosed by the media. Searle radio revealed that, in addition to coach Zidane, captain Ramos, the other Real Madrid players did not appease C Luo Martin St. Louis Jersey, at the same time, and the expiration of the contract with Real Madrid Pepe has invited C Luo together to join Paris Saint Germain.

In the summer of 2009, C Luo to 80 million pounds transfer fee came to the Bernabeu, then became the Galacticos flag, a total of 394 appearances, scored 406 balls, played very well. Although the relationship between Florentino and C Lo is very harmonious, but now he was the chairman of the first to face the first thorny problem is C Luo's stay Ron Duguay Jersey. Due to the resentment of the Spanish tax department investigation Cam Talbot Jersey, C Lo wanted to leave the Bernabeu Stadium. The current C Lo and Real Madrid contract expired in 2021, the annual salary reached 25 million euros, Florentino has no intention to sell Real Madrid's best players Dylan Mcilrath Jersey, but now a reality is that C Luo himself want to leave, so Lafayette faces Severe challenge.

Manchester United in the case of a small race only seventh, from the fourth Arsenal (10 points), the impact of the Champions League (microblogging topic) still a glimmer of hope. And Everton in the accident after the loss of Crystal Palace has been the first four arguments to the gunmen. The game not only determines the fate of the two teams compete for four, but also will have a direct impact on the future prospects of Arsenal. If Manchester United can beat Everton, toffee in the Champions League hope will become very slim. British media even ridicule: "Moyes became the ruler of the fate of Wenger.
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