Real Madrid asked C Luo as soon as possible

2017-06-20 15:12:05 | 日記
Real Madrid asked C Luo as soon as possible to come forward to clarify the facts to stabilize the situation new york rangers jersey sale. However, after the draw with Mexico, was selected as the best player on the spot C Luo did not attend the press conference, but the face of the grass hastily said a few words, neither talk about tax evasion, nor talk about their own The future. At the same time, C Lo is also dissatisfied with the practice of the club. Portuguese strikers believe that the tops, including Florentino, did not come forward to maintain themselves or make more practical moves.

As the legendary captain of the club, after seven years of leaving Real Madrid, Raul will return to Madrid giants, he will serve as Florentino consultant, at the same time, Raul will also be responsible for some training matters, he will become Managers and staff of the bridge, similar to the role of Real Madrid in the year. But it should be noted that Raul may not be at ease in his role, perhaps he also hopes to embark on the post of coaches, before the interview, Real Madrid legendary star had such a position, therefore, how to locate Raul , But also Florentino need to consider, after all, "Lord of the Rings" is not the usual Real Madrid Mark Messier Jersey, he is the club's legend and banner.

There have been news that Rooney season ahead of reimbursement, but from the British side of the latest news is that Rooney has resumed training, he can and Everton in the confrontation comeback. Chubby FireWire injury will make Manchester United's attack power greatly improved, but Moyes may temporarily put it on the bench Marc Staal Jersey. In addition, Mata (microblogging data) of the minor injury alarm has also been excluded Sergei Nemchinov Jersey, he can participate in the field and Everton's confrontation. Toffee always Felenie's calf injury also recovered, but he is expected to be on standby.
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