In the tax evasion after exposure

2017-06-20 15:12:05 | 日記
In the tax evasion after exposure, C Luo and Real Madrid are dissatisfied new york rangers jersey. Real Madrid executives believe that taking into account the exposure of C Luo, as well as the end of the season after the news of the vacuum period, tax evasion in the next few weeks will continue to become the media headlines, which will certainly damage the image of Real Madrid Wayne Gretzky Jersey, which is Florentine Connaught part of the Spanish media with C Luo wearing a national team jersey photos of the reasons.

In fact, Florentino faced a similar situation, it was in 2012, when C Luo once said to the media, "I am very sad", which also makes Real Madrid President is very nervous, but then Real Madrid left the number one star. At that stage, C Luo that their personal awards in the competition is not the club's support, was to leave C Luo, Real Madrid to provide a new contract Cam Talbot Jersey, the Portuguese annual salary from 12 million euros to 21 Jesper Fast Jersey.5 million euros, now Does Lafayette take the same strategy?

British Sky Sports learned that Real Madrid striker C Lo intends to move back to Manchester United this summer. C Luo around people revealed that in 2009 after the transfer of C Luo has been thinking about Manchester United. Due to tax problems, C Luo consider leaving Spain to return to England to play. Manchester United intention to 210 million euros plus goalkeeper Degea exchange two Real Madrid striker C Luo and Mora tower.
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