Moyes will keep Adrian starting

2017-12-08 11:19:41 | 日記
Moyes will keep Adrian starting on the weekend against Chelsea Taylor Chorney Jersey. Because of poor grades, Bilic was fired, and Moyes did not want to be the second Bilic. Moyes came to West Ham on the first day to emphasize that he will not be the starting line-up to the player's fame, and now he wants to use Hart to establish prestige.

If the West Ham does not kick start Ian Cole Jersey, Hart is unlikely to play the World Cup next year. Even into the three division of the big list of regiments, he is also difficult to get the starter. Bartland in Stoke, Pickford in Everton, and Foster in Southampton are all his contenders.

This season, under Valverde's hand, Turang failed to get the chance to play, which of course is not what the Turks want to see. Transfer for him, is undoubtedly the best choice. In the summer, the rumors of Turan and Arsenal are endless Simon Despres Jersey, but in the end Turks choose to stay in Spain. Came to the winter window, did not get the chance to play Turan, also sprouted, and Barcelona also agreed to sell the Turks in order to clear the payroll space to buy new players Tom Sestito Jersey.
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