Arsene Wenger hands with Rakazette

2017-12-08 13:43:33 | 日記
Arsene Wenger hands with Rakazette, Sanchez, he basically will not let the Girou starter. In the 15th round of the league, Giroud only played 234 minutes Conor Sheary Jersey, but he still scored three goals and scored a goal every 78 minutes, and the efficiency is still not low Blake Comeau Jersey. The poor playing time in the club has a serious impact on the prospects for the World Cup in Giroud. France coach Stephane has always been favored by Giroud, but he definitely will not give too many chances to a bench forward for a long time.

The current round of league, Arsenal lost to Manchester United at home ill-game, the score of 1-3 so Arsem dull. However, leaving Wenger more depressed is still behind, and his ace Ozil actually hugged each other with the coaching staff. While other Gunners players will be away from the Arsenal coach team here, Ozil is doing the opposite, he chose from the United coach over there Craig Adams Jersey.

2014 Brazil World Cup, the team failed to qualify for the team because of England, so the team did not receive any rewards. "I do not think any of the English players really think they can win the World Cup next year, but they still need to be motivated and have the incentives in place, and if they can go on and win, they will get it Reward of more than 5 million pounds Thomas Greiss Jersey.
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