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passion of process

2016-10-11 11:50:03 | 思うこと

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I saw borrowed anime movie "Arrivederci Yamato" and "Galaxy Express 999" in TSUTAYA. I watched the movie "Arrivederci Yamato" when I was child.

There was a great piece to feel strongly the adult serious. These works have dealt a heavy theme of "what should be do of way in man life" and "what is the reason for human being to live" These serious animated film have maker's  belief. Of course I was impressed.

And I watched "Ihasa" in KOBE ART VILLEGE. In particular, there is no expansion. But the movie that a small village of the inhabitants of Tibet walked up to 2400km destination of Lhasa.

There characters who are facting sincere against religion and live. Without the nozzie, to single-mindedly Wutitoudi. The process is important. The result is not a problem. to face in themselves and faith, it can not be easily to us with a high degree of civilization.

We has become a concern to live that deliver results and involved in the money. Thing to take care of the process from the faith, we do not have enough.

Photo exhibition of Northeast of earthquake that Eiji Arai took, there was in Komisuta KOBE until this month 5 days. It was gradually stain to come work in the mind. Not a scene that damaged by the earthquake and tsunami, was the photo that contains the feeling of the people.

Real voice of people was also a photo. Human feeling can not verbalized. Also can be referred to as a "sad" or "painful", it can not be the entity express. Arai's photos of the indescribably's feeling were reflected in the photograph. It is recommended that you go to all means if there is Arai's photo exhibition.


Only passion that get results is not wonderful, it is very important that a passion for the process leading to the results.

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