From the tactical level

2017-05-17 12:06:53 | 日記
From the tactical level, the Wizards lose another important reason is that Gortat dragged the team. In fact, in the current NBA, the slow moving heavy center, is being abandoned by the times. This game can be clearly seen that Gortat in the inside even the ball are not stable, only in the defensive end as a human shield, which greatly affected the Wizards in the low offensive efficiency.

In the Spurs excellent tactical execution, the Rockets did not find the rhythm of the audience, the attack frequently without success Ian Cole Jersey, only got a poor 75 points, a record low season. Offensive control also affected the rocket's defensive performance Patric Hornqvist Jersey, they missed the Spurs empty cut and breakthrough infiltration, gave the opponent too much chance to score easily Blake Comeau Jersey.

Due to the left ankle sprain, Leonard may miss the second game, although less Leonardo Spurs seem strength decline, the Warriors still dare not take it lightly, the Western Conference semifinals sixth Spurs are not in Leonard The case of victory over the rocket promotion. Green believes that without Leonard, the Spurs are still able to bring warriors to challenge. Leonard can not play Dominik Uher Jersey, their offense is more difficult to be predicted, "Green said," Obviously, when Leonard was present, you know their attack will start around him. But if Leonard was not there, their offense was more difficult to prejudge. However, I think as long as we play their own style, we have no problem.
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