As the old Harden coach

2017-05-17 12:06:55 | 日記
As the old Harden coach, Brooks made the same mistakes with the current Harden coach, overdraft the main force, lack of trust in the bench. Full game Bill played 45 minutes and 55 seconds, Wall 44 minutes 04 seconds, Morris 41 minutes 47 seconds, Porter is 39 minutes 08 seconds. Obviously, in such a game where both sides make every effort, too long playing time, will lead to increased fatigue Mark Recchi Jersey, in order to influence the feel. Such as Wall, the whole game he played 12 of the first 12, the performance is very impressive, but then 11 times shot, Wall actually a ball is not. On the one hand, the state of the ups and downs of the Volvo; but on the other hand, and playing time is too long closely related.

It is worth mentioning that in the Western Conference semifinals 6, Leonard is also due to injury truce, the results of the Spurs to 114-75 victory over the rocket. So do not underestimate the hearts of a championship, not to underestimate Popovich and the Spurs, even if they lack the number one star.

Spurs on the Rockets 39 points victory Adam Clendening Jersey, Popovich with Simmons to replace Leonard starting Daniel Winnik Jersey. Like Leonard, Simmons also has a tough defense, very well to complete the defense of Harden's mission. On the defensive end, the Spurs use the strategy is to block the opponent three points Derrick Pouliot Jersey, the attack is to strengthen Ade this point of attack, while the team to do more conduction ball, empty cut and running.
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