The other side of the Celtics side

2017-05-17 12:06:54 | 日記
The other side of the Celtics side, whether it is a small Thomas, Horford, or Bradley, the players of the playing time are controlled at 40 minutes. Although the playoffs are very important Rob Scuderi Jersey, but pay attention to save the player's physical, to prevent "burst cylinder" is undoubtedly the coach to perform an important function Sidney Crosby Jersey. In this respect, Stevens is clearly better than Brooks.

Looking back at the Rockets and the Spurs of the King of the Mountain War, D'Antoni insisted on using seven people to rotate, resulting in Harden's last minute physical overdraft, blacksmithing mistakes, resulting in the Rockets lost the most critical game. The same scene, reappeared today, it is regrettable.

West is the first war, Adelaide is the use of height advantage continue to storm low, his back footsteps, turn the jump jumper did not have much way, but the latter defensive player of the year this year, a strong competitor.

"Obviously, Adelaide is a great player," Green said, "for a long time he is the league's great scorer Craig Adams Jersey, so I was trying to strangle him." Obviously, when you face this level of Ade The player Paul Martin Jersey, strangled him is almost impossible to do.If you can limit him, forcing him to interfere with the shot, that is what you can do.
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