This is not a person thing

2017-05-19 11:26:50 | 日記
Offensive end, the young captain Gates Ralph scored two goals, sent two main assists, the performance completely overshadowed by Mike David, the oil group of two can not cause any threat to them; Ducks two groups also performed well Tom Kuhnhackl Jersey, In the case of most of the time facing the McDowell Group Andrew Ebbett Jersey, the group's offensive dominance station to 65%, and eventually by Hillwall Berg into the extra money ball; three groups of team performance is not ideal, Not only can not share the defensive task for the Kessler group, the old center of Walmart's last moments of error to the oil to play less and lead to equalization.

This is not a person thing, nor is the two things, but everyone. We want to create their own history. The blues came today with free training and a small meeting, and coach Mike said he wanted the players to come together and put the 13-hour loss on their backs Ben Lovejoy Jersey.

Senator coach - Boucher said today that the team's right-hand Bobby-Ryan is expected to play with the Cavaliers series fourth game, while the center Zach Smith will fear war.

In yesterday's third war, Ryan in the distal left 13 minutes and 46 seconds when the teammate Eric - Carlson's mind shot accidentally hurt the right thigh Sidney Crosby Jersey. While Smith is in the first section of 9 minutes and 27 seconds by the Rangers striker Tanner - Glass and JT-Miller hit, causing the upper limb injury left the game.
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