Because each player has his own rhythm

2017-05-19 11:26:46 | 日記
Because each player has his own rhythm, in accordance with their own way to move forward and development, some people can play NHL 18-year-old Sidney Crosby Jersey, some people 24-year-old scored NHL, but you see them in their thirties, After a period of time to adapt to the future, can have very good results, so I think how long can enter the NHL is not very important, everyone has their own rhythm, I now want to read the American university Tom Sestito Jersey, after graduation The road still has the opportunity.

Also in the third battle suffered concussion striker Conner - Chery today also ushered in the comeback. This season the playoffs Crosby played nine games to get 11 points (four goals seven assists), Xie Rui played eight games sent two assists. But in today's game, Crosby played 19 minutes and 10 seconds to send an assists, Xie Rui did not score, penguins also 2-4 to lose, big score was pulled to 2-3.

20 years ago, April 20, 1997, the oil home sits home Edmonton Stadium (later the Rexkor Stadium) ushered in the Western Conference playoff quarterfinal third war Ron Francis Jersey, the opponent is the Dallas star The The star team entered the state early in the game, Mike - Modano, Bennett - Hogg and Joe - Newcomer's goal to help the Dallas in the middle of the second section to obtain a 3-0 lead The The situation looks down to the Dallas side Mark Recchi Jersey, and the oilers seem to have lost their first home since the 1992 playoffs (the last four years they missed the playoffs).
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