Suffered a reversal

2017-05-19 11:26:42 | 日記
Suffered a reversal, Dallas completely lost the heart, overtime 9 minutes and 15 seconds Kelly - Buhe Berger's goal completely killed the game, the oil people to complete the epic level reversal. Although the star team in two days after equalizing the big score, but the oil team finally won the tie-break 4-3 Nick Spaling Jersey, became the winner of the series. 30 years east 30 years Hexi, was a major reversal of the protagonist of the oil today also reduced to another team background, which also confirms the old saying goes: Nothing is impossible Kael Mouillierat Jersey.

In fact, the capital of the people there are some problems, the penguin it Bobby Farnham Jersey, there are tall, there are physical, key and speed, that the capital of the regular season played well, a great reason is that passing technology is very good, like some Russia, Finland, Switzerland Of the players passing more delicate, I just explained that in the playoffs, the speed is very important, more physical contact, like 19, 92, the main pass these centers sometimes pass out, not pass out The words of Ovidiajue can not shoot, no way to score. Penguin played more straight, rely on speed, Crosby played really very good, penguin pass and match very well, more suitable for playing the playoffs.

Edmonton oiler with a 2-0 series match back to his home Rogers Stadium to continue against their second round of opponents Anaheim duckling, but in the third game before the Rogers Stadium Of the several women's health have changed to a male, the Arena to do so because the playoffs when the male fans complained that the early queuing of the bathroom waiting time is too long, but this "transformation" approach has led to female fans group interests by Loss Scott Wilson Jersey, this difference between men and women fans of the practice was the female fans of the collective dissatisfaction.
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