76 people already have a talented

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76 people already have a talented lineup, but they still have the opportunity to win this year at the Lotto Lottery Conference, 76 people have 14.7% chance to win the title, there are more than 50% chance to get the Lakers first round draft Right (4th to 6th) Scott Wilson Jersey. In addition, the 76ers have the right and the king to swap the draft pick Sidney Crosby Jersey, which has a 2.8% probability of picking up the champion.

The king's first round of the sign is more complicated Phil Kessel Jersey. In a deal involving a Hickson in 2011, the king signed a protected first round to the knight, and the knight later signed the Bulls in a deal with Rolls-Royce. By 2017, the king of the first round of the first 10 to protect the protection Tim Erixon Jersey, if the order in the ten after that, this draft will belong to the Bulls.

Adams: Borg Danovic brought back, he is the current Wizards bench, the only offensive threat player. Wizards do not have much money to sign players in the free market, so he may be the only option. At the same time, I will also consider signing back to Aaron - White, who was selected by the team in the second round of 2015, the last two seasons in the Russian league. For the Wizards bench, signing Aaron - White is a low-risk operation.
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