Duck team once regain a ball

2017-05-19 13:11:48 | 日記
Duck team once regain a ball, but the referee that the duckling forward Ricky lecture is too high, the goal is invalid Mario Lemieux Jersey. In turn, the oil in the 12th minute and then the next city, Mike David and the teenager Kajiu La from the backcourt began to make a continuous transmission, the two forward to the front by Kaji Ula received Mike David's assists the ball into, 3: 0. Later, although the group of children's Kaysler group launched a wave of counterattack Carl Hagelin Jersey, but still unable to prevent the oil with three goals ahead into the third quarter.

The frontcourt, the lack of Crosby's case, the team's other groups to come forward, Gan Zeer playoff game before 9 games scored 8 goals, the state is very hot. In the pre-match training, Crossby completely resumed confrontation training Jeff Zatkoff Jersey, but the team did not need to take risks in the 3-1 lead case, so they still need the team's other strikers to share the offensive pressure Tom Barrasso Jersey.

Senate and the Rangers' fourth quarter war in Madison Square Garden today, the final cavalry home 4-1 win, the big score at 2-2 level.

But Senator Eric Eric Carlson was injured in the game and did not return to the game. Carlson played two games in the game played 14 minutes and 54 seconds, the senator is 0-3 behind. It seems that the senator captain was injured in the second quarter with the rider striker Chris Corley and JT-Miller.
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