Steen put on the left foot today

2017-05-19 13:11:48 | 日記
Steen put on the left foot today to protect the boots, Zhu crutches. During the playoffs, although he did not participate in the training, but played the blues before all nine games, and seven (three goals four assists) and Jedeng - Schwartz jointly led the blues team score List, admirable. In the fifth battle of the Scottish Center today, Schwartz's finalists helped the Blues 2-1 win, the big score at 3-2, extended the series Jeff Zatkoff Jersey. Replace Styrian played Dmitry - Jaskin playoff debut 15 minutes and 46 seconds Simon Despres Jersey, and scored a goal.

Series 1-3 is still behind, the blues still believe that "We can do this." Is not do not know the difficulties, on the contrary, they do not care. Yes they can not. But if you want to continue the game, they must be able to. The current situation is that the blues 1-3 behind, only to win the series can continue; and predators from the team history for the first time into the final division also sent a victory. But the Blues team's 20 players are quite sure that the win will be them.

2017 Stanley Cup playoffs continue to compete in the Western Conference semifinals, frequently eliminated the San Luis Blues blossom team, with 2: 1 score beat the predators Chris Kunitz Jersey, the total score at 2: 3; oil in the lead big Half of the game in the case of the young team in 3 minutes into 3 balls, and in the second overtime was Perry lore, the total score 2: 3 behind the duckling Mike Condon Jersey.
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