Former Chavi played last season

2017-05-19 13:11:47 | 日記
Former Chavi played last season in KHL's SKA St. Petersburg, played 76 games (76 goals and 50 assists), ranked third in the league scoring list. It is worth mentioning that, according to previous reports, Shi Paiqie Fu in Russia to get a tax paid $ 5 million four-year contract, and this time to NHL take two years 9 million US dollars is undoubtedly accepted A pay cut. In addition, Spike Chouffu refused to Montreal and other teams of the offer, from the KHL championship team joined a NHL expansion of the army.

The game, the oil team made a major adjustment to the lineup, Mike David and Dreiser's combination was broken, the two were leading the team's first two groups forward, ducklings, the original group of right-wing Ives continued to miss. Opening, oil defender Sergei by the young captain Gatslaw hit the injured end. 10 minutes Gates Ralph won the opportunity to free kick, but his shot though fooled Talbot, but the ball a little high, the oilman escaped. Since then the young team, such as rainbow, completely occupied the field initiative, a single shot to a positive number to 13: 7 lead, but fortunately Talbot performance and stability Bobby Farnham Jersey, to help the team with 0: 0 score into the second Section Beau Bennett Jersey.

After just three days from the moment of the concussion, the Pittsburgh penguin center center Heinik - Crosby returned to the ice today Craig Adams Jersey.

According to penguin coach Mike - Sullivan said that in the absence of a game after the match, Crosby alone in the team training field UPMC Center carried out on the ice glide - on Monday the two series of the first game of the first section , Crosby was hit by head of the capital defender Matt - Niskan hit the head Penguins Jersey Sale, was diagnosed as concussion.
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