The oil team to take the lead

2017-05-19 13:11:48 | 日記
The oil team to take the lead Matt Cullen Jersey, Dreisero from the midfield on the right side of the ball into the ball, he returned to the guard Clive Bom, the latter shot after refraction fell to the Dreisero under the bar, 1: 0.3 minutes later, the oil team once again get a good chance, in the case of 5 to 3 the team expanded the score, Nugent - Hopkins shot was Gibson blocked, To the other side of the Mike David, the ball of the ball to show extraordinary ability to coordinate the hand, he waited for the ball landing Matt Murray Jersey, in the air directly hit the ball into the ball, 2: 0.

After the game, the capital coach coach Trotson is not named criticized the team's group, and Ovidi Jin also take the initiative to assume responsibility, the second group center Kuznetsov vowed that the team up and down very confident Win this key battle Beau Bennett Jersey, they can do it?

Although the game capitalists in the scene to occupy an overwhelming advantage, shot up to twice the opponent, but in the most critical high threat scoring opportunity, they only with the penguin 10:10 level; and the team is too active scraping So that they foul on the offensive side 7 times Evgeni Malkin Jersey, of which 5 times to give penguins more chance to play less, the two details of the capital to take advantage of the situation in the case of a ball again to the negative.
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