Free or Inexpensive Accommodation in Shikoku

2017-07-05 | For Pilgrims

Free or Inexpensive Accommodation in Shikoku


 Tsuyado is a facility in the temple that is used as free accommodation for the pilgrims .
  Because there is not bedding in most of temples, you need a sleeping bag .
  the  6th Anrakuji
  the 17th Idoji
  the 27th Konomineji
  the 28th Dainichiji
  the 32nd Zenjibuji (waiting place)
  the 33rd Sekkeiji
  the 34th Tanemaji
  the 35th Kiyotakiji
  the 37th Iwamotoji (garage)
  the 40th Kanjizaiji
  the 42th Butsumokuji (rest hut beside the temple)
  the 47th Yasakaji
  the 51st Ishiteji
  the 56th Taisanji
  the 58th Senyuji  (with hot spring)
  the 60th Yokomineji  (rest hut in the temple)
  the 64th Maegamiji (rest hut beside the temple)
  the 65th Sankakuji  (rest hut in the temple)
  the 66th Unpenji
  other (bekkaku) the 4th Saba Daishi (rest hut)
  other (bekkaku) the 8th Toyogahashi
  other (bekkaku) the 12th Enmeiji (rest hut beside the temple)

  Hosenji                           Map 27-b , 108km from NO1 temple 
  Myotokuji (Toyo Daishi)   Map 34-a , 197km from NO1 temple
  Aoki Jizo                         Map 70-b , 817km from NO1 temple
  Komyoji                          Map 73-a , 857km from NO1 temple
 If you want to stay at the tsuyado, please ask “Tsuyado ni tomare masuka?” at nokyo-jyo (temple office) .
 That means “Can I stay at the tsuyado?”


 There is another free (inexpensive) accommodations called “Zenkonyado” along pilgrimage road in Shikoku .
 Zenkonyado means accommodation of good will .
  It has been set up by the people of good will who live along pilgrimage road .
  It is often a simple prefabricated hut, sometimes home of people themselves .
 Bedding is available in most of zenkonyado, but there is no bedding in some of them .
 1 Kamonoyu  2.2km to the 11th Fujiidera Map 23
 2 Hagimori  near Nishibun Station Map 38 
 4 Maruwa stone company  beside Rest Hut Kamohara Map 41
              tel=088-866-0425 (Mon.~Thu.)
 5 Lodge Cameria  22.1km to the 38th Kongofukuji Map 51
                    3000yen with meals  tel=0880-84-1377
 6 Zenkonyado Kanehira  6.5km to the Kongofukuji Map 52
                   tel=0880-82-7304 (Mr.Kanehira)
  7 Aloe House   beside Uwajima Terminal Hotel Map 59
                     e-mail = aloe.zenkon@softbank.ne.jp  (English OK)
                     check in 18:30~  check out ~7:00
                     close 10th~17th every month
  8 Pilgrim free accommodation  Map 63 , 701km from NO.1 temple
                    tel=0893-47-1504 (Mr.Tamiya)
 9 Daishido    Map 63 , 708km from NO.1 temple
                     tel=0893-47-0529 (Mr.Yamamoto)
 10 Hagyuan   Map 75 , 903km from NO.1 temple
 11 Zenkonyado Zenigata  beside rest hut 30 Zenigata Map 81
                tel = 090-8974-1244 (Mr.Takahashi)
         Pick up at Maruyoshi store 970km from NO.1 temple
 12 Ms.Takemoto's house  
                       Ask for at the 75th Zentuji (temple office)
 13 Vtangura  300m from the 78th Goshoji
                     1000yen with breakfast
 14 Rest hut Goshikidai  500m to the 82nd Negoroji
 15 House of slow life   3.4km from the 83rd Ichinomiyaji
                    500yen  tel=087-899-8756
 16  Zenkonyado Hayashi 3.7km from 83rd Ichinomiyaji
               tel = 090-1365-1382

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